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Investment Property Advising



FNSIAD301A    - Provide General Advice on Financial Products and Services
CPPDSM5002A - Advise on Property Investment Strategy

This course meets the national standards to provide advice on investment in property in accord with the processes for giving general investment advice. 

Participants will learn to
  • establish a relationships with clients
  • identify client needs,
  •  identify general advice boundaries of product/service, and
  • provide general advice to client
and also to
  • source and analyse market information, 
  • assess industry trends and 
  • provide effective advice and recommendations on property investment.
This course contributes to and may form part of the licensing requirements for persons working in the property industry.

This hands-on practical course maximises relevance by applying it to a relevant case study.

This course is committed to an “open learning environment”. Instead of focusing on set and/or in-house texts, this enjoyable course equips you to gather information from the sources you will need in your role. Examples of these are industry publications, regulator websites and industry websites.


Successful completion of this program will result in the attainment of the following Unit of Competency:

FNSIAD301A     - Provide General Advice on Financial Products and Services
CPPDSM5002A  - Advise on Property Investment Strategy


As a result of completing this course, participants will be able to demonstrate a basic understanding of the following issues relating to providing professional advice on investment properties

Determine investment requirements
Learn how to function as a professional property consultant able to
    • identify the property investment requirements of buyers and
    • use appropriate research.
Comply with both Fair Trading and ASIC legislative requirements.
Learn how to develop and present compliant and compelling investment strategies that meet client needs. 

Analyse investment opportunities
Learn how to analyse investment opportunities against property trends and market parameters.

Provide advice and recommendations
Learn how to develop and present compliant and compelling investment strategies that meet client needs.


This course will enable the participants to consider 
    • forms of property investment
    • procedures, pitfalls and problems
    • taxation
    • the financing and gearing of investments
    • the legislative and regulatory environment
    • the nine steps of the investment advising process
    • the value of property as an investment
    • ways of measuring investment returns 
    • how to provide compliant general investment advice
The course is built around researching and gaining current knowledge relating to the outcomes areas listed above.

Suitability and Opportunities

This course is suitable for all
    • Real Estate Sales professionals 
    • Project marketers and sales people, and
    • Financial advisers
whose work relates to the assessment, marketing and sales of investment properties. 


This course will be delivered over 18 contact hours, in one of the following ways:

    • over three full days 
    • over two weekends 
      • Friday night and Saturday, or
      • Saturday and Sunday, or 
    • one evening a week for six weeks 

Depending on experience, participants typically need about three hours of personal study for each contact hour to complete the assessment assignments.


Assessment is by open book knowledge assessments and a relevant project relating to the exercising of the advising process.

This course is designed to maximise flexibility. Supported by the Academy's online learning management system, it will be delivered

  • in special purpose venues suitable for participants, 
  • at venues that provide training rooms/Board rooms, 
  • as Distance Education offering, for those who require it and/or 
  • in customised blends [1] of the above.

Entry Requirements

Pre-requisites for entry into this course are:
  • Be over 18 years of age


  • Have English language, literacy and numeracy skills to the standard required to attain Higher School Certificate or equivalent


  • A CV that demonstrates an ability to function effectively in employment or business to the level required to independently read, interpret and apply workplace information


  • If from a non-English speaking background, be proficient in the use of English to the level of International English Language testing System (IELTS) level 6.0.

Further Study

Further opportunities for study may be in the qualifications to which this unit of competency contributes.

  • CPP50307 - Diploma of Property Services (Agency Management)
  • CPP50511 - Diploma of Property Services (Asset and Facility Management)
  • CHC60312 - Advanced Diploma of Community Sector Management
  • FNS30111 - Certificate III in Financial Services
  • FNS30511 - Certificate III in General Insurance

[1] Blended learning involves the use of the College’s Learning Management System alongside contact discussions either in a training room or one on one with a facilitator.